Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged!! Thanks to Shinelikecrazystudio, GrandPrairieWoodworks, and Bebstreasures for tagging me!
Well I guess this means I have to tell you ten things about myself. Well lets see . . .

1- My husband, George, and I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina along with our three children; Christopher age 11, Matthew age 10, and Michelle age 7. I also have two step-daughters Jennifer age 18 and Brittany age 12. Yes, we are very busy parents.

2- I used to be a stay-at-home mom. When my daughter started Kindergarten I went back to work. I started two years ago with the county school system. I currently work as a Custodian at an elementary school. I love working for the school. The kids are really something else. But boy I can tell you some stories. The people I work with are great and the hours are awesome.

3- I have been doing crafts since I was a teenager. I love doing handmade things. I have done cross stitch for many moons which I still enjoy doing whenever I get the time to actually do it.

4- I love making greeting cards. I love how you can take a stamp and make it in so many different looks. There are so many different neat techniques that make the cards look so great. Plus I love how everyone loves recieving these cards. I may have only been doing this for a year now but it has become one of my passions.

5- My family and I love to go dragracing. Every year we go to Bristol Dragway in April. The kids really get into it. The first year we took are daughter she fell asleep while the top fuel dragsters were running. Now if you have never been these cars rattle your eardrums. My children's favorite is the John Force Racing Team and Tony Schumacher.

6- I love to be outdoors in the summer time. My family loves to go camping. We go as many times as we can. There's nothing like getting away from things and enjoy the outdoors and family time. Actually where we live to some it would seem we are "camping". We live about 20 miles from town and don't have any neighbors. Just sitting on the deck on any given night is so relaxing.

7- We have two dogs in our family. One is a black lamb and chow mix who is about 7 years old and then we have "Jr" who is the pup of other. He is about 6 months and also has blue heller in him. Having the dogs sure do help sometimes, we have some uninvited guest arrive from time to time. Good ole bears. Yep I was standing on the deck on day no one at home but me and a bear came out of the woods. Our dog chased it away.

8- My kids are my world. I cherish everyday with my children. Even though sometimes it gets pretty crazy. They are each so unique and enjoy life that it makes life more enjoyable.

9- I have always enjoyed a good book. My favorite author was Stephen King. But I also like true crime books as well. It amazes me how some humans can be in this world. Its scary at the same time. I don't get to read as much anymore but its always been my favorite way to relax.

10- Finally, I enjoy getting know others. I love my family and friends. Its what makes the world so much better. I love participating in school events with my children and interacting with others. I am laid back person who gets along with most anybody. And most of all I love creating things that others will enjoy just as much as I.

Well now that you know a little more about me its my turn to tag ten others. Let the tagging begin.
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