Thursday, July 30, 2009


There are so many places to get the materials needing in doing my cards. I use different outlets to obtain my materials. I shop from one cataloge mainly but sometimes you like going into a craft store and browsing the aisle. There are so many different types of materials and its nice to be able to shop for them locally. Whats bad is when the store doesn't hold up when it comes to keeping the shelves stocked. Recently I have been thru this. I was looking for a specific cardstock color they selled and checked that store on several different occassions to see if was back on the shelf. Needless to say it wasn't. I went to another store but of course they don't sell the same brand. So where does that lead you? Well you either hold out and keep checking or like myself is having to order it thru the main branch website. Easy solution right? It is but you don't get to come across the sales or new materials that came out shopping online as much. I won't give up the stores but when you need materials and can't wait the main stores website is your next step. Next blog on family and the business.


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