Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to School

August is back to school month. Boy it has been a long summer. The kids are getting restless and are so ready to go back to school. And of course mom is too. Since I work for the school system I am also looking forward to going back to work. Its nice to have the time off but I miss the kids and my fellow colleges. I enjoy working for the school. Its perfect hours and a great envirnoment to work in. The little ones at school are so sweet and you can see it on their faces how much they love school. Back to school also means them god awful school supply list. Then its the new clothes and shoes they need. One of the down sides of back to school. Summer is great to spend time with family and friends. Its a good time to recharge and relax a little. Back to school is so much fun for children. They see their friends again and get the chance to make new ones. For the little kindergartens they are so excited about being at school, well at least most are. There are some that are absolutely terified about being at school. But they fall into place and start enjoying making new friends. Gotta love back to school time. Everyone enjoy the summer that is left.


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