Thursday, August 13, 2009

Childrens Birthday Cards

At A Special Touch a new line of cards will be posted. Children birthday cards and party invitations is in the works. We either have children of our own or at least have friends and family members that do. Theres nothing like giving a child the perfect birthday card to make them feel special. My children love their birthday cards that they get from friends and family members and of course as a mom I end up scrapbooking them into their birthday page for that year.

Birthday parties are big for children. I know year after year my children bring home party invitations from their friends throughout the school year. There will also be invitations listed that will be great for any boy or girl having a party.

There will be a line of birthday cards for both boy and girls specifically for ages one to five. Its seems like the first five years are the fastest and so much happens during these years that we tend to celebrate these more than any other.

I hope to have these all made and posted in the coming month. Like always come check out my store for any of your card needs and if you don't find what you want please feel free to contact me about what your looking for.

Everyone have a good Thursday. And don't forget to shop handmade and support the hard working artist that bring us such great products.


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